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Local Designers in Edmonton are Building Success

1. WORKHALL Studios

Workhall Studios was founded with the mission of artistry over commercialism. Work hall Studios represents designs with an international perspective and showcase designers who possess a distinct sense of beauty in both thought and process. Work hall Studios is located in downtown Edmonton, next to the Manulife building and available through their online website

2. Poppy Barley

Poppy Barley shoes and accessories are handcrafted and made-to-order from Leon, Mexico, known as The Shoe Capital of the World. There products are made of full grain leathers from cow, calf and goat to deer and bison from a family-run tannery. They are bridging the gap between quality and price point - the comfort speaks for itself. Available at or at their Whyte Ave location.


BERG + BETTS accessories are handmade using high quality scraps of leather that would otherwise go to waste in the fashion production process. These high-end designer leathers are saved from otherwise being tossed into landfills and transformed into fashion forward watches and accessories.

4. Sylvia Soo Leather. 
Sylvia Soo Leather focuses on clean lines and minimalism. From the designing process to the finished product. These handcrafted leather goods are made in a small studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The current Fall/Winter collection is available on and various pop-up shops throughout Edmonton.

5.  Suka Clothing 
Suka Clothing is a lifestyle brand with a strong understanding of music, subcultures and high fashion. Suka Clothing is Edmonton based and currently available through the Bamboo Ballroom on Whyte Ave or their online website,

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