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A Major Shift In Consumer Buying Behaviour

According to a recent article by David Hamilton of ItBusiness, a major consumer behavior shift trend is continuing to emerge, as the mobile shopping app experience begins to out selling websites and tablets.

IBM reported more mobile purchases were made than desktop purchases for the first time – ever – during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to theIBM report, 57% of online shopping traffic for the weekend came from tablets and smartphones and Adobe reported 53%.

Studies also showed that Millennial (25-35 year olds), spent the most money of all age groups and the majority of purchases were made over the weekend. Specifically, studies found that Canadians would rather shop Canadian both in store and online, and prefer Canadian retailer stores to U.S. Stores. Also, despite the growing trend in Black Friday shopping in Canada, the majority of shopping in Canada still happens during the month of December.

This year, with The Conference Board of Canada deeming 2015 a rough year for retailers, with high amounts of personal debt, a poor economic outlook, a weak Canadian dollar – has all lessened the spending of Canadians.

This begs the question... if mobile shopping is correlated to an economic downturn or is this trend likely to grow as the economy recovers?

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