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Why Building A Website Doesn't Always Have To Be The First Step

Why Start Offline To Sell Your Products or Services?

This gives your brand physical touch points especially when you are selling a product where people are able to go and share their experience with you and others via social media

Better able to develop long-lasting customer relationships when you can meet them face-to-face, and also have a better idea of "who" is buying your products or services.

Research suggests that customers adopt new products and services in a shorter period of time in a physical store, than an online store.

Five Reasons to start Starting Offline!

1. Allocate more time to designing a few products, get samples from manufacturer and preferably local and show to friends and immediate social networks. By starting offline, you can focus your attention on the core activities within your business, before diving into the online relhm 

Utilize the beginning phase as a way to get feedback on your products and had adjust initial orders if your product is well received. If you get a good response, place a higher order of your products, typically no more than 25 and no less than 10 per product style (UPC).

2. Focus on the production and supply-chain side of your business. Once you have constructive feedback and a better grasp on your best sellers - launch a collection. Focus on creating buzz around your collection, brand or event launch. Focus on your local community - this can include advertising, selling or having a pop-up section in a retailer store in your city. Utilize free retailing websites including Essy, Ebay or Amazon. (Everywhere - But, your own website)

3. If your products or services are overbooked or sell out. You're now ready to take the big step and invest in an e-commerce website.  If you are not ready financially or able to manage a site right now, focus your attention on a social media platform your customers are actively on. 

4. Uh oh, too many orders. If your orders begin to exponentially increase (after launching your website), you may need to invest in buying more inventory or switching manufacturers for higher quantity purchases. Also, if your services continually overbook, you may want to bring on extra staff to serve your customers.

5. Scale up your website, take your time to determine which products or services your customers are coming to your website for. Focus on these core products or services before adding additional categories.

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