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Dear Retailers, If You're Not Online, You're Offline!

Many companies are beginning to use digital communication as a way to do inbound marketing.

The use of digital marketing has made Shopify an internationally respected brand and an ecommerce powerhouse that’s driving $1.5 billion in sales for its platforms.

Inbound marketing is the new-age of marketing; traditional marketing is no longer as effective as it was before. Companies such as Shopify, a website were people can create their own online store, use digital communications through blogs to create interesting content that their target customers would enjoy reading.

The emphasis of this content is on educating and empowering customers to make the most informed decisions. Companies are using these blogs to bring in an traffic (audience) and creating relevant and interesting content that their ideal customer would be interested in.

Shopify focuses primarily on circulating their digital communications content via. blogs, videos, website and social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin ), with the average post receiving 800 shares. There digital communication is focused on generating content related to creating your own online store, 5 things all entrepreneurs learn the hard way, search engine optimization techniques, and how to start your own business in 10 easy steps etc.

This has proved to be an effective technique as often the readers of this sort of content are most likely interested in starting their own website. Shopify capitalizes on this by gaining the trust of these visitors and converting them into leads via email subscriptions, free trials for website, free templates, etc.

One of shopifys lead generation techniques are by providing free trials and then sending out free tools to add to site, interesting content and discounts after lag times in which this encourages purchasing (increasing conversion).

Once a customer is now on the site using the content, Shopify continually posts relieve blog posts to improve your conversions, beginner techniques for online marketing, social media to increase sales and how to succeed in retail.

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