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Their IT Investment

Given the current economic climate, to maximize revenue from the company of all comments and equipment. It is common that many managers focus on feedback attentive staff, supply, energy costs and other ways to improve cash flow. I'm a simple take a picture in this article, but means an examination of the status of IT through.

Review I.T. His ship informal resources and can do at home by A, depends on the capabilities of your organization. Can a formal examination specialized consulting for outsourcing. The options are to follow in this situation for more to come.

Recurrent expenditure on IT is an important part of the corporate budget.
To the project run short bus medium be useful.
The Company has no formal IT strategy is used or not professional care.
The alleged internal defects CONTROL SYSTEM in the company are used.
Exam objectives must be clear from the IT resources when Astra Honda Motor are identified as evidence of plan. For example, if the first party is managing to improve test efficiency, internal and external audit reviews. Agree goal is six dead following fields to specify the necessary work.

1. Strategy

Returns a reference to the strategy of the Yang-documents across the enterprise comprehensive services? TI and put a board level?

IT expenditure items and have great personnel decisions for IT strategy? Protocol is a protocol of the meeting consistent approach in all IT and other decisions of the senior officials of the Board?

2. Policies and procedures

Is there a document die the basic procedures and guidelines for IT governance? This was followed by the enforced division? Education without proper induction in the company? Regular tests are there to make sure to keep the permissions, security and NAMAs used. Is there evidence of remedies for violations?

3 people

I work for the people NAMAs specifications IT staff at all levels? Is there any evidence that this is the process of recruitment and selection in the adoption of the opinion? In assessing the regular performance? LED goes out, busy skills to support the business for the future? Company personnel in the company to die in need of vocational training? Quality is an outsourcing partner for ad-hoc project or specific coverage provide much?

4. Infrastructure

This area is becoming increasingly important as companies continue to El Barrio Wired voted technology and are resistant to other mobile phones. Many workers in the field is now working on mobile access to update and leave office applications. A number of companies have IT survey showed that the broad strategy of the lack of most mobile IT. The results of the field is the lack of cells skills Some well-known companies in the new revision chopped years of wireless networks, have credit card information is stolen customer feedback. Stationary Internet "war driving" more accessible and convenient for people to die, to steal corporate data. Your data -. Therefore, it is important that one or more text Independent happened Regular internal wireless infrastructure as one of the main business secure "capital

5. Hardware

It is an asset management company to ensure the responsible company. Office equipment made easier route. Ten years ago, in the past, most IT assets remain separate from each old department distributed stationary desktop. Each company is now the Web IT, regularly replaced automatic heart. Some random phone has never been in possession of a company. The company has accelerated procedure, where and who to hold responsible for the death of their assets.

The evidence for a process of tendering. Purchased items must be planned and adapted to the growth direction of the company.

6. Software

The company should have a list of software for full use. It is necessary to consider whether the right or wrong hat, the use of this software application crossed with automatic control of the license. It must be kept up to date of all licenses and support contracts list. If the dead by the managers of IT departments and other agencies that the conditions recurring payments. The experience, this is a huge cost savings for my walking exercise. Savings will be replaced dead by special software identification, module, or is no longer compatible achieved.


Many departments regia too busy in the process of improving the IT changes and types Despite the decline is certainly not desirable, but committed, offers the possibility has, the design, to identify gaps, if necessary, take corrective action and save the household , This exercise will benefit the automotive companies almost certainly in the future.

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