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Wall-Hunting with Marina London

The weekend before last, London was being a bit of a show-off, all bright blue skies, warm sun and summer-like vibes, which made for a really perfect day for a shoot with Marina London.

If you're unfamiliar with the brand, its all about beautiful silk basics designed to last - think tees, shirts, jumpsuits and loose dresses, all in thick, woven silk (I'm wearing the Caro t-shirt in these pics). The lovely Marina herself photographed me in front of this pretty epic wall we stumbled upon not far from my place. On a side note, I think brightly coloured walls are quickly becoming my favourite, albeit lazy, way to 'do' colour without actually wearing any. And now that London seems to have reverted, temporarily, back to winter temperatures, I'm loving how bright, light and warm-looking these photos are even more.

 Head over to the Marina London blog where I've listed a few of my favourite places in London and beyond. Thanks for having me Marina!

sakerso mawon

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