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After much coveting and indecision, I finally bought a pair of New Balance.... and they subsequently stayed in the box for a good few weeks while I ummed and ahhed whether a black ankle boot person could make the transition into trainers. I’m a real amateur when it comes to trainers. The only ones I've ever really worn are converse and a fairly dodgy pair of white hi-top Reebok Classics while at university.

So I grappled with the New Balance for a while with the intention of returning them until one morning I saw said box, had an urge to wear them and without thinking too much, I did. And I haven’t really taken them off since. They've quite literally put a spring in my step and are really aiding my pre-spring resolution to walk more, rather than hopping on the nearest bus/tube/taxi.

I won’t be relegating my ankle boots to the back of my wardrobe just yet (read, I doubt I’ll ever deem my collection complete), but these definitely have me converted.

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sakerso mawon

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