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Summer Colours Week '12 Announcement!

 Aboubakar Fofana - textiles - 2008/09

This week is managing to fly by again (is this happening to you too)?  Can't seem to keep up!  So okay - it looks like summer colours week is a go for next week (June 25 - 29/12) up on flickr - YAY! Monday we'll be kicking off our 3rd Annual Summer Colour Week! Please join us in celebrating summer by participating in the fun! It's super-easy! Upload the colour of the day to our Summer Colours 2012 Week Flickr Group and we'll pick highlights of the day to post on the blog's evening post. I've also created a special Pinterest board this year highlighting our favourites!

The schedule is as follows:
June 25, Monday - Green
June 26, Tuesday - Yellow
June 27, Wednesday - Pink
June 28, Thursday -Red
 June 29, Friday - Blue

Guidelines: Upload your images to our Summer 2012 Colours Week Flickr Pool. New images preferred, not something already posted to any of our other colour pools in the past. Images don't need to be actually taken that day, just something summer-themed (like stawberries, skies,  beaches,  water, etc.) Keep on track with the assigned colour of the day. Eg; Monday upload yellow colours only until 6pm Pacific, when you can then start to upload Tuesday's colour, etc. We would prefer to keep product pictures out of the pool. Please upload your "best" only. Let's make this a beautiful pool for us all to be inspired by! Be sure to tell your friends and most importantly have fun!  -Jan

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