Registered Graphic Designers CreativeEarners Survey

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD Ontario) are running a national survey of salaries and billing practices in the creative industry. 

The survey is produced by RGD every two years, and the results are used to help build an economic profile of their industry in Canada, providing individuals working in the field with valuable information and insight into current industry trends, standards and practices.

This year’s survey will be launched online at this month and will close in early July. Results will be made public in November 2012 as an online PDF and will be available for all, free of charge.

In order to make their results as accurate and representative as possible, their goal is to have participation of individuals from across the country, working in a range of areas including graphic design, communications, marketing, copywriting, information architecture, mobile development, account management, and more.

If you are a person in this range, visit to participate. They hope to get the word out on this important project, making the 2012/2013 survey the most successful yet!


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