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Dispatches from Australia: Artisan Magazine

Wow, I just came amongst another brilliant iPad magazine –this time by an Australian collaboration of three Sydney-based creatives (and one's Canadian) – graphic designer Leigh-Ann Thomas, food stylist and writer Bhavani Konings (the Canadian) and photographer Natalie Hunfalvay. The three have come together to create Artisan, a free online publication which focuses on local creative people and happenings –each story tells something about the creative process and the artist in each of them.  And what makes this online publication special (much like last month's issue of Trendenser) is the interactive platform.  From tapping on images (like spices to get to know more about them), to the incorporation of animated .gifs and film –you'll see what I mean when you browse through (just don't get lost - like I did)!  A little tricky to navigate but a look into what the future has to hold for online mags (and more)!  You can download the magazine for free here, and visit their site here. Exciting stuff!  (Via The Design Files).

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