Communal Dining: Feasts + Fields

Guest post by Lily Ellis of Birch + Bird.

The school year is drawing to a close and I for one am counting down until the dog days of summer! Late dinners, leisurely mid-week get-togethers with friends and lazy mornings all spell vacation to me (although the novelty could very well wear off by week 3!) and some of my favourite memories have always been those last minute meals shared with friends. You know, the ones where everyone just grabs what they already have on hand and come together for a potluck of sorts. It seems I'm not the only one with such fond memories and there has been a revival of communal bread breaking lately. Organizers such as Feast to Fields and magazines like Kinfolk celebrate locally grown food, farmers and chefs while bringing people from all walks of life together at one table. I would love to attend a similar event one day, especially one hosted in a picturesque field, orchard or venue like the following...

 Rue. Photo by Jose Villa.

Whether celebrating a special occasion like a wedding or spending a casual evening with friends or family, there's something to be said for the simplicity of joining together at one long table to share food and conversation. Meeting new people, tasting new foods and learning where what we eat actually comes from are important habits to learn and teach to others, would you agree? And I'm seriously dreaming of owning at least one of these gorgeous harvest tables!

Lily co-writes with Rachel over at Birch + Bird
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