Scrapbook: 12+ Storage Ideas Round-up

With school starting up in some places already and just around the corner here,  I've collected a little round-up of great storage ideas for fall or anytime really.  Some of these you may have seen as of late, but most of them are new to the blog and hopefully to you.  (Above and just below:  Love these wicker baskets placed on the wall vs just sitting on the floor from In My House Blog).  Also I like the clips she has hanging on the wall versus the clipboard.

Ikea has a new series of storage boxes called KVARNIK which flirts with past times when crates and boxes were as well made as it's contents.  Dressed in off-white or dark blue jute cloth with label holders for labeling contents, the boxes come in formats tailored to include magazines, CDs and DVDs in a nice vintage style which is easy to show (love them mixed with real vintage storage as shown in this image from Livet Hemma).

 Adding shallow compartments to the back of the door via

 Tin caddy tutorial by Cynthia Shaffer

Kitchen pantry makeover from The House of Smiths.  She sells all those lovely label decals too! (A few close-ups below).

Kitchen pantry makeover from The House of Smiths

Kitchen pantry makeover from The House of Smiths

Great shoe storage area for the entryway.  From Livet Hemma for IKEA

This low shelf with a mix of found storage boxes (vintage and new) has a really nice laid back feel to it that I really like.  (Via Emmas blogg). Photography by Pernilla Hed for Hus & Hem.

There's just something glamorous going on with this storage solution.  It's got that carefree sort of jet set vibe.  Photo:  Lisa Cohen.  (Via La Maison d'Anna G.)

Bookshelves just always seem to work in a dining room, and love these stacked super high from the home of Michale Murphy in Brooklyn, New York via Apartment Therapy.   Images: Mat Sanders.

Click here for more tips on storage and organizing I posted earlier this year.


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