Off-the-peg Surrealist brass sculpture at Jonathan Adler...

Brass Dora Maar, picture courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed I’ve got a bit of a brass obsession (see posts including the brass kitchen, Brancusi's studio and Milan 2011) . There’s something so solid about brass. You have to be serious to make something in it and it's not a material that's readily faked - which gives it a certain integrity in an era of quick-fixes. I’ve always wanted lots of brass Modernist sculpture littered about the place and now, with a new collection of a dozen brass ‘objet’ from astute artisan Jonathan Adler, it looks like it might just be feasible. These pieces are an extension of his Surrealist-inspired 'Muse' collection (see my blog post), ranging from marble plinth-mounted sculptures to more functional pieces like shoehorns and bottle openers, all with a Dali-inspired, Surrealist feel. Here are my personal favourites:

Brass Salvador Orb, picture courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Brass Misia Orb, picture courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Brass Muse bottle opener, picture courtesy of Jonathan Adler


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