La Biennale di Venezia - Venice Biennale

I always find it hard to capture the essence of a piece of furniture in a photo - and ever more challenging are the installations at the Venice Biennale.
Here are however a few "snaps" of some truly inspirational pieces of art, that I have managed to hopefully capture a little (perhaps a very little) of their 'being'.

If you are going to make it to Venice this year - then I suggest you don't look!

The following images are from the Arsenale and the New Arsenale (which is a short hop across the a canal by a new boat service) only.  We will be back later this year to catch the rest!

The Black Arch : Saudi Arabia -A Must See by Raja and Shadia Alem

There is a wonderful video of the Raja and Shadia Alem on the La Biennale website (click here to see)
Art is not the Cosa Nostra (Maffia)

Trieste - satellite show

We were also very excited to visit the newly refurbished Port Building in Trieste on our trip - the building itself is breath taking.


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