Black and White Affair with a Hint of Lavendar

Here we go again, a wonderful wedding for darling Kate. I love working on this wedding, very classy and elegant - just like the bride. I made these love signs to be place randomly around the reception. I am not one for cheesiness, but I thought these quotes would spread the love. I bought the wood at Lowes and painted them black. The quotes I designed first in Adobe and then emailed to SIGNZ on Highland Drive to print in white vinyl lettering.

The floral arrangements were done by the RE Team, headed by the oh so talented Heather Irving. I wrapped the arrangements in a linen fabric for a soft vintage touch with a crock pleather stripe for texture.

These purple ladies are for the bridesmaids. Fresh lavender bouquets, the girls will smell heavenly all day.

I am so grateful for all the help with the luminaries! 350 to be exacted, this DYI project would have taken me forever. A tedious project, but it will be worth all the hard work (I hope). These puppies will escort the wedding guest down a long, and I mean very long, drive way to the party.

The secret is to use 8" gold doilies so that design will show through the white paper bag. Just cut the doilies to the size you want, spray adhesive glue on the gold side and adhere to the inside of the bags. I can't wait to the luminaries at night!

Thank you Riehl Events Team!


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