My Still Life Obsession, Part II

Pieter Claesz, Still Life with Fish

I don't really see how you can be into interiors and not be a fan of the still life genre. After all, beautiful things, grouped in an interesting way with a wonderful light pouring onto them, what's not to like? I like them as things to hang on the wall - they are a great way to subtly squeeze more interiors into an interior! And I get a lot of inspiration from them, in terms of materials, styles, mood etc. and, of course, composition. All things that come into play when I put together a room or re-arrange my ornaments for the umpteenth time. Here are a few of my favourite inspirational still life artworks, old and new.

Jack Cole, Brick Lane E1

Willem Claeszoon Heda, Still Life with Gilt Cup

Jack Cole Centrepoint, W1, 

Georges Braque, Still Life with Chair Cane

Pablo Picasso, Still Life of a Pigeon

Pablo Picasso, Still Life painted wood with upholstery fringe

Giorgio Morandi, Natura Morta, 1953

Giorgio Morandi, Natura Morta 73192

Picture copyright Kate Jacobs
a collage of tear-sheets from one of my scrapbooks, 2007-8

A detail from the above image, notice the photograph behind
the pestles  is of the same ensemble - a nice idea that I
have seen a few times and keep meaning to try for myself...

Carolina Wilcke, Still Life
seen in the home of 
Rolf Sachs, picture courtesy of Sophie Ebrard / Luxx magazine / The Times
(clumsy cropping of the image is my own!)

Marian Padina, Dellview


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