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I’ve had a browse through the Spring/Summer Next Home Directory and picked out some on-trend gems. They’ve really gone big on bright, natural greens this year, which are a favourite of mine and will probably take over when I’m cured of my yellow fever. And leafy green looks great with their warm, teak-coloured woods. Other trends spotted include basket weaves, neutrals, fruit motifs and some rather stylish looking lighting.

Pictures Courtesy of Next

Caption information, by row, from left to right, top to bottom:
Folds cushion, £12
White weave rattan bottle, £30
Glass apple and pear, set of two, ¢18,

Wooden candlesticks, set of three, £25
Natural pompom throw, £30 
Santiago chairs, per pair, £235

Colonial lamp, £65
Large chrome sculpture, £60
Carved wood vase, £20


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