Moooi in monochrome, this month in London...

Pictures courtesy of Moooi

Open today and every Friday until April 29 (other days  by appointment), is Magical Monochrome, at the Fantasy House of Moooi, Portobello Dock. The stunning roomsets were put together by super-stylist Despina Curtis, a truly lovely girl I used to work with at Elle Decoration. She filled me in on the look: 'The initial inspiration came from the Moooi collection which mixes traditional design with lots of humour. I wanted to keep the element of humour in the installation as well as making it interactive for the visitor, with elements of surprise in each window and through the doorways. I chose to make the whole space monochrome so that it added to the surreal quality I was trying to create.' It reminds me of the Sixties TV show The Avengers, which was both monochrome and surreal. Moooi just needs Emma Peel cavorting around the place. 

*The Fantasy House of Moooi (020 8962 5691,

Diana Rigg as Mrs Emma Peel in The Avengers


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